Friday, December 31, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #132

Mark is a man that wants to really know God deeply and be transformed by Him. (I know this because he is my husband). -Anne

Why I Love My Pastor #131

When I was 'dating' this church, Freddie was the one minister I did not like. I was turned off by his appeals for offering and his manner of 'pumping people up' for praise and worship. But this all changed when I heard Freddie preach a sermon on how God is doing a new thing in the Body of Christ. Now an active member, I can see and really understood how God is using Freddie's background as a businessman to teach principles of reaping and sowing. He's an awesome man of God and without him, our church of more than 1500 members would not run as smoothly as it does. I praise God for his ministry. -George

Why I Love My Pastor #130

Probably the biggest thing I appreciate about my pastor is the way he relates to his congregation. He relates to us on a personal level often, with a friendly hi or good morning so-and-so. Also, he includes bits of humor, stories of other people or his own experiences in his sermons, which helps me to relate the message to my own life. In addition to relating to the congregation on a personal level, he reminds us to pray for other Christians around the world...especially those who are being persecuted. Sometimes during his sermon he will read the stories of Christians in other areas who have been jailed and sometimes tortured. This helps me to remember that I am incredibly blessed to be growing up in a Christian home in the United States. So, thank my pastor for helping me to grow. - Brianna

Why I Love My Pastor #129

Bro. Billy has shown me that all can serve God, and has lit a fire in my heart to serve God. He is a true servant of God and by his lead we are all learning to serve more. -Randy

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #128

Kurt has been on the lead team since the beginning of the church almost 5 years ago. He left a safe, well-paying salaried youth ministry position to follow where God was leading. God's leadership took Kurt to begin a new church to reach what seem to be a missed generation. He is a dynamic speaker. And in being one of his youth from a few ministries ago, I definitely would say that he is a trustworthy friend to all who enter his oikos (spelling?). -Gary

Why I Love My Pastor #127

I appreciate my pastor for so many reasons. Instead of a wordy fluffy page let me just run SOME of the reasons:
- he married my wife and I (ya know that sounds funny but I just can't come up with a better way to say it...oh wait) he officiated our wedding vows.
- he is more than just a pastor, he is a friend. he knows me by name, and my son, and my inlaws - and they don't even go to our church. he remembers our struggles and celebrates our victories.
- he is a shepard. We have a church of over 1000, but he knows his sheep, their names, their history, their story
- he's real. he struggles with life just like I do and admits it. I can approach him because I know that he too has walked that walk.
- he let's the called follow their calling without getting in the way. while he is the shepard of the whole church, he let's the youth pastor be a youth pastor, the college pastor be a college pastor. he doesn't get in the way and dictate how they should carry out their calling, guidance sure but never control. ok...he does try to sing but fortunetly our worship leader can sing louder.
- he tries so hard to be funny.
- he's finally wearing colored dress shirts.
- he'll hit the hard stuff without apology. he doesn't just talk of the fluffy white clouds of heaven...he talks about the hell we walk in day in and day out.

Why I Love My Pastor #126

I have never spoken with my pastor since I came to this church (almost a year now). I dont know him personally (and he dosen't know me either) but one thing I'm blessed about his life is his very humble spirit... every sermon he delivers touches my heart so deeply, seem to be an answer to my questions, confusions or situations on the week that just passed... i think its a gift... God is so good... -Romel

Why I Love My Pastor #125

Pastor Gary and his wife Sharon are such hard workers and love the people of Christ. He is challenging us to dive in deeper to the Word. None of this "surface" stuff will do. We are "real people" no pretenses, pastor Gary would have it no other way. He leads us by example and gets right in there to work with us "sheep". We love our Pastor and his family who all work together with the body of Christ. -Brandi

Why I Love My Pastor #124

Our new Pastor, Chris has been with us only a few months and with his arrival, I am alarmed to find a tension among members of our congregation as I have never experienced before. My hope is that Stop Dating the Church will help to provide this young man with the courage it takes to be a leader and the insight it takes to get to know his flock. - Aubrey

Why I Love My Pastor #123

I would like to honor my Pastor Lindon. He has truly been a blessing to my family. He has pastored our church for about 16yrs. He sure does allow God to use him in the ministry of revealing God's heart to us.

Why I Love My Pastor #122

I appreciate my pastor because he displays a deep love and respect for God. He is quick to admit a mistake, and repent. He is a devoted husband and father who openly displays his love for his family, especially his wife. He calls his members "family" when he addresses us from the pulpit, or leaves a phone tree message on our home phones. He often tells us how much he loves and appreciates us. He is a wonderful teacher, a devoted and loving husband and father, a leader who leads by example, an humble servant of God, a loving, concerned "spiritual" Father, a visionary, and a shepherd after God's own heart! -Ernestine

Why I Love My Pastor #121

We appreciate pastor Scott for his commitment to the church and giving his all for the Lord. His servant heart is inspiring and his love for God, contagious! We are especially thankful for the extensive and loving support he gives to the worship/music ministry. He urged the congregation to sponsor the praise team to attend a large worship conference and he always encourages us. He is also open to new ideas and preaches God's Word boldly. We are very blessed to have him as our pastor! - Tim and Wendy

Why I Love My Pastor #120

Brother Jerry loves the Lord. Because of this love, and the prayers of many, I came home to the Father on October 27, 2002 - after a 30 year hiatus. Brother Jerry tells it like it is, pulls no punches and delivers the Word of God in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. He is not above getting in the trenches or laughing at himself. He is honest and truly cares about the lost. Our church is only 6 years old but has grown from about 10 members to around 200 and I know as long as we keep our focus on the Father he will continue to bless us. -Sandie

Why I Love My Pastor #119

Pastor Bill is a fantastic, sincere, passionate man who cares deeply about our flock and teaching God's Word. He is one of the best teachers I've been under, and probably one of the best in our area. He feels strongly about being an encouragement to us to grow, learn, and to rely on God's Spirit for all things. He has a real heart for the lost and downtrodden and has God's loving compassion towards people.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #110

We want to thank our pastor for being such a key tool in our lives. We really honor the fact that you have been there for us every time we have needed it. Most of all for showing us that you are not just a Pastor but a Brother. Your prayers for us have not been in vain Alex and I know that God has a great purpose for us and he’s put you in our way to guide us through. -Yuri & Alex

Why I Love My Pastor #109

Pastor David is working very hard toward bringing new members into our church. He has been with us for 3 years now, and has demonstrated a warm, caring personality to what is essentially an aging congregation. He is diligent in visitation to those who are hospitalized or in nursing homes, but also maintains a keen interest in the activities of the groups working within the church. Pastor David speaks Spanish and has worked with our sister Presbytery in Mexico as an interpreter and in mission work. This is Pastor David's first ministry, and second career. He has a true love of God and a real calling to the church. He is an avid scholar and is always open to new ideas. -Betty

Why I Love My Pastor #108

My pastor has always been so much more than a "preacher" even though I tend to view the role of the pastor mostly as "preacher" he fits that role well and then goes above and beyond. He spends much of his time visiting family members of church members as well as church members frequently and whenever someone is hospitalized.
I understand the time and sacrifice that is required to make the efforts he makes, I myself am the youth pastor of the church and know that he holds many times over the burden and stress that I do. So being in my position as a staff member and knowing what it is like to always have as many people talking about you as there are praying for you and still being able to love those people and minister to them, I have come to truly respect him and his attitude of service. - Jason

Why I Love My Pastor #107

My pastor is not only my pastor, he is also my father-in-law and my boss. He serves well in all three, but also excells at being a father of four and a devoted husband. Relationships with Pastor David go well beyond church. He makes friends where ever he goes with his exceeding humor and warm personality. When he is not visiting someone in the hospital, preparing for his next sermon, or running errands for the church, you can usually find him enjoying his wonderful family or fulfilling his position as volunteer Chaplain of the County Sherrif's Department. It has been great serving under him as a Youth and Children's Pastor thusfar, because he treats me as an equal. He has a passion for the community in which he serves that I have never seen in another pastor. I consider others less fortunate who have pastors who are more caught up in the affairs of office work than in serving their family, church, and community. He truly is deserving of every compliment I have written and more, but I'm sure he would give all the praise to the God he serves. -Robert

Why I Love My Pastor #118

One thing I can say about my pastor is that he is a true child of GOD. My Pastor has set the bar high...He is a living example to God's supernatural being. He has given the men in our church a example of how to live like a Godly man. In him God has showed us how he takes the worst of sinners and cleans them up and sends them out to proclaim the gospel of Jesus The Christ. In the past I was always leary about churches, but my God works in the supernatural and MY Pastor is MY hero. God thank you for Pastor Todd and his wife Cleo and his three children, thank you for sending a GODLY man to lead your sheep. -Errol

Why I Love My Pastor #106

Bro. Bob, well is like my father, He has always been there for me and everyone else at our church. He has fixed the toilet when I was having a Sunday School meeting (my husband was gone) to helping to get the car fixed. But most of all, his wise council with the WORD, helped me be the submissive wife. My husband was saved abd now my husband and I have been married 32 years. Bro Bob has been at our church 25 years. Our whole church loves him. -Linda

Why I Love My Pastor #105

I appreciate my Pastor for the sincere and humble man he is. I have seen our church go through tough times and difficult transitions, but God has given this man strength to be the leader but also the humility, to be a servant unto his sheep and his Lord. I am thankful for Pastor Albert in the love he shows towards a stranger or a friend, that it is untainted and pure. He has endured as our leader and shown
who Christ is through messages from the pulpit and the message of his life. I am thankful for the warmth that comes with his hug, yet the firmness that comes from a word of discipline. I am not good with words face to face, but I hope as he reads this letter, that he will know that the impact that he has had in my life and those around me. That it will never go unnoticed in our prayers and in our love for
him as a Pastor and as a fellow servant unto the Lord. -Alan

Why I Love My Pastor #116

Father Sarkis (pastor) teaches us many things. I pray and open my ears and am thankful to God and to him. I see how he calls more people to attend the church to make it stronger. I hope I can help him and be a good member of our church. -Maria

Why I Love My Pastor #117

I appreciate my pastor (boss) more than anything because of the friendship we share. As a staff member, I've prayed for a long time that God would lead me to a church where I could serve with a Senior Pastor who I not only worked with and respected, but with who I could also hang out with away from church. A person who shared the same vision and purpose as I and who liked to have fun. A person who was willing to take risks, and step away from tradition in order to enlarge God's kingdom.-Gary

Why I Love My Pastor #104

My pastor is a very caring person who visits the sick regularly, started our Pre-School program and is very dedicated to our church. We have been having some very bumpy times at church lately. The only reason he hasn't left us is because he believes God has called him to stay here. It takes great courage and faith to obey
this call. He is truly and inspiration of faith and trust in God. He comes up with great sermons each week inspite of all the negative feed back he has gotten. Please pray for him that he will be able to continue to hear God leading him and follow.

Why I Love My Pastor #103

Why I appreciate my Pastor: He a real servant of God and loves the Lord. Maybe I am biased because my Pastor is also my husband. He is very committed to what he does. He pastors a small church of about 40 to 50 people. He is also very active in our community and local high school. He loves kids so he is a football coach and track coach. He also works at the local high school as an Aide working with learning disability teens and he helps in the Spanish room. He puts in 40 hours a week at the school and does all the pastorally responsibilities that go with having a church. Yes he is a busy man, but he prefers to be busy doing the Lord’s work where ever he is placed. He has been able to minister to people in the school to people of all faiths.- Martha

Why I Love My Pastor #114

I appreciate my pastor because he his committed to God. He feels God has called him to rural ministry and is committed to staying in one place long enough to really develop relationships with people. He always seeks to better himself, not just be content with the status quo. He is open to new ways of doing things, while at the same time being sensitive to tradition. He always seeks to see issues from other's perspectives. He has always handled difficult times with grace and objectivity. He seeks to balance church work with his family - which is a constant struggle but he tries to keep on top of it and on let things swing too far one way or the other. People outside our small church look to him for counseling and guidance because he has make an intentional effort to connect with people. -Kim

Why I Love My Pastor #113

I appreciate my pastor Bob so much for the desire and pasion he has for proclaiming the truth of Gods word. He helps bring you into true worship and instilling a desire in me to want to serve the Lord rather than just date the church. -Rachel and Thomas

Why I Love My Pastor #115

Our Pastor Fred is a very good example of the way Jesus would have his sheep looked after. He is very much a caring people person yet brings the word to us in a manner of which we can see our need and he also helps us to achieve our needs.

Why I Love My Pastor #112

God has used our pastor Roger to bring a unique vision for church-life to our area. He is bold in defending a scriptural perspective on spiritual, moral, civic, and social issues. The importance of family life has prompted him to rearrange church schedules and activities to promote the success of parents in leading their children. His personal enthusiasm and faith is a source of encouragement to so many in our congregation and beyond. His willingness to serve our church and community by counseling has helped save many marriages. Our pastor's attention to the importance of music in our worship services has been an inspiration for young people and adults to use their musical talents for the Lord, while his own personal music talents are shared with humility and excellence. How blessed we are to have him as pastor! -Paul

Why I Love My Pastor #111

There are many reasons why I appreciate my pastor, Rev. Joseph. First and foremost, he is my husband of 16 years. He not only shepherds his congregation flock but he is the spiritual head of our home. He is the most caring, compassionate man that I know. His love for God is so very evident in all that he does. He has the ability to minister to all ages, from those in the nursery to our senior citizens. He is a man of prayer, he knows that his ministry is futile without his communing with God first. He spends many hours in prayer and in God's Word. He is a tremendous preacher. He speaks what God tells him to speak, even if it means stepping on some toes! He is able to keep a good attitude about ministry because of his great sense of humor. A saying that he invented that keeps him in going in discouraging times is "People are people, and people are ministry." I don't how many times we've repeated that phrase over the years! I could go on and on but suffice it to say that he is, in my opinion, one terrific pastor!! -Marybeth

Why I Love My Pastor #110

I know Pastor BJ to be a passionate man with a heart for preserving and growing the kingdom of God and impacting the surrounding community through the local church. He has an overflowing excitement for preaching and teaching, and fully devotes himself to prayer and the ministry of the word. BJ lives the cruciform life. He truly pours himself into the word and he is more than just a pastor or preacher. He is a man of God all seven days of the week, he loves his wife and his children deeply, and he is a spiritual leader in the home. I appreciate BJ for who he is as a pastor, an older brother in the faith, and a friend to whom I can entrust my spiritual development. -Tyler

Why I Love My Pastor #110

I appreciate Pastor David because of his love for God and God's people. He is a very generous man and is totally committed to teaching all people about living by faith and trusting God completely. He is always willing and ready to help anyone in need. Every year we sponsor a Jesus Celebration week where Pastor preaches the Good News of Jesus and we give away clothes, furniture and small appliances free of charge and we feed the people every night during that week. Also our pastor is the praise and worship leader and through his leadership we are ushered into the presence of God and afterwards he preaches. He's a pretty amazing person. We greatly appreciate, love and respect him.

Why I Love My Pastor #102

We have been sending this out to Senior Pastors, but this summer intern received two nominations to receive a free book...

Jeremy was my church's summer intern while my pastor was away on vacation. He did a great job with his sermons. He had a love for our congregation and was definitely a lot of fun. He has a deep love for God and a servant's heart. He was immensely appreciated. -Cara

Jeremy is a seminarian student who was an intern at my church this past summer. The reason I appreciate Jeremy is because of how his love for Lord shines brightly. He is full of joy and loves to help others. I can't wait to see how God continues to use Jeremy.- Erica

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #101

I appreciate my pastor because of the example he sets for our church family. Since Bro Andy has come to our church we have opened up so many new opportunities for our church to minister to our community and within our own church. Bro Andy has had a great affect on my life. I have gone from someone who just sits in church and takes it all in, to an involved member. Bro Andy's encouragement has enabled me to grow bolder in my faith. Bro Andy is a leader by example and just being around him makes you want to do more for the Lord. I'm only one example of the many people who have been motivated by our pastor to get involved in ministry. Our community is lucky to have a man of Bro Andy's caliber in our midst. God is working wonders around him and I feel blessed to have this man in my life. -Ken

Why I Love My Pastor #100

I appreciate my pastor for many reasons. The first thing that I think of is his love for the Lord and his commitment to serving Him and proclaiming the gospel. I appreciate his unapologetic commitment to proclaiming the truth of the Scriptures no matter how uncomfortable it may make some people. He has a tender heart and doesn't try to hide his emotions. He is very honest about his faults and shortcomings and doesn't try to pretend that he has it altogether. I appreciate the time he has taken to counsel and encourage me through some very hard times. I appreciate that he is committed to our church body until the Lord leads him somewhere else. He is definitely not dating the church and will not leave because he is frustrated, discouraged, has his feelings hurt, or is tired of dealing with us. I believe that he believes that his life is not his own because he has given it to the Lord and only the Lord will direct his life. I appreciate his commitment to his wife, Lynlee, and the example they are of a godly marriage and family. -Lynn

Why I Love My Pastor #99

My Pastor’s name is David. We are a very small congregation and rent a meeting room on Sunday mornings for our fellowship. My Pastor has truly laid his life down for his flock. The church is barely able to sow financially into his life, so he works other jobs, but he dedicates his time and efforts to his flock as if he was totally supported financially by them. His heart is on fire for the Lord and is using every gifting the Holy Spirit has given him to lead his flock to the Lord always. He is a man of excellence and does all things for the church in that manner. I am thankful to the Lord for calling me into this fellowship and for all the things I am learning under my Pastor’s leadership. -Nancy

Why I Love My Pastor #98

My pastor has always been so much more than a "preacher" even though I tend to view the role of the pastor mostly as "preacher" he fits that role well and then goes above and beyond. He spends much of his time visiting family members of church members as well as church members frequently and whenever someone is hospitalized.
I understand the time and sacrifice that is required to make the efforts he makes, I myself am the youth pastor of the church and know that he holds many times over the burden and stress that I do. So being in my position as a staff member and knowing what it is like to always have as many people talking about you as there are praying for you and still being able to love those people and minister to them, I have come to truly respect him and his attitude of service. - Jason

Why I Love My Pastor #97

Pastor Matt is a Shepherd. He is concerned for the flock the Lord has given him. He is an example of a disciple of Christ who actively and tangibly lives out his faith in a transparent way from which his congregation can learn. By God’s grace, he is a faithful preacher. He introduced me to the freedom in the doctrines of grace and he gave me a glimpse of the tool that theology is – to know God better. He has a beautiful wife who is also always willing to share her heart. He is a father of 4 incredible boys who will have a legacy to follow. A legacy which points to Christ and His strength and grace at work in a broken vessel. -Vanessa

Why I Love My Pastor #96

Pastor Randy is so down to earth; someone who can identify and relate to everyone in our church from the babies to the senior adults. He is someone whose main mission in life is to see as many people as possible become a member of the family of God. He is a servant in the true sense of the word, and such is the mission of the church, and as a result, the underlying motive for every activity. He is young and energetic (about 40), yet wise and deeply founded in the faith. He is a pastor that I never mind “sitting at the feet of”; he is one our entire congregation can learn a lot from. Our church is truly blessed to be under his leadership and to have such a Godly man be the vehicle of God’s word. -Nellie

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #95

Pastor Mickey is one of a kind. In fact, he cringes at anyone using "Pastor" as a precursor to his name. He is just Mickey. For a few years, Mickey was working a 9-5 full-time corporate job; teaching, leading and encouraging a part of Christ's Body; and loving his three beautiful children and amazing wife. Only until recently has he been able to be a full-time pastor. Every day Mickey shows me evidence of humility, generosity and kindness that can only come from Christ. His submission to the Lord not only encourages me, but everyone in my church family. Mickey, we are proud of you. Thank you for yielding to His Vision- you are one of a kind because of Him and His faithfulness! -Leah

Why I Love My Pastor #94

My pastor is a man that truly desires to serve his congregations. He will go out of his way to visit those in need, specially our new visitors. He is a man that will relate to you on a personal level. When my father died, my pastor offered to pay for all the funeral expenses, knowing that he had taught our congregation to support those in need. They truly came through. He has taught us well. He is a man of prayer and truly loves scripture. I am proud to have Juan as my pastor. -Abraham

Why I Love My Pastor #94

My pastor, Dave is awesome because of his humble spirit and quiet confidence that make him the best leader. Not only is my pastor a great man, but he's also a great dad. I know this because he's my dad! He is the same at church and at home, always working to relate to people at their level. He is open, considerate, compassionate and gentle. He's just amazing! -Kylie

Why I Love My Pastor #93

Pastor Steve (reminds me of Buzz lightyear-for ETERNITY and BEYOND.)But I really appreciate him because he is very real and isn't afraid to talk about important truths that the church needs to hear not just wants to hear. He went to the Philippines thinking he was going to help out only for two months (this was in 1984)but he is still here today fathering a congregation which has grown so big and yet he has also discipled leaders to follow through and join in the work. I really look up to him because he really values long-term relationships and spiritual family. Thank you so much Pastor Steve! :) -Jen

Why I Love My Pastor #92

I have been blessed to have Pastor Mark as my mentor. My first two years at college were rough, and I struggled spiritually due to many unwise choices. My junior year, I met Pastor Mark in an class on interpersonal communications. He centered the class on the gospel of Christ, and the relationship we now have with Him and with the Father. It was because of this class that I began to speak with Pastor Mark
regularly, and over the years he became a great spiritual mentor to me. He has encouraged me in matters of faith, confrontation of brothers, writing sermons, speaking the Word of God, and deciding to court and marry a wonderful woman. I continually admire his passion for following Christ, and his desire to know Jesus better through His Word. I thank God for Pastor Mark, and I pray that the Lord continue to use him to serve other young men and women. -Joshua

Why I Love My Pastor #91

During the college years, it's easy to feel like you don't really have a home. You live in a dorm, you move back home during summer—always moving. A college student's church life is a little like that, too. When I was looking for a church to call home during college, Pastor Wayne welcomed me in with open arms. Without question, his warmth and friendliness are derived from the peace of Jesus, and his messages are full of love and truth. He also has a model family—a wife who supports him and enriches the church with musical gifts, and children who are gifted in countless ways. We are truly blessed by the Lord to have such a spiritual leader, and we pray that the Lord keep Pastor Wayne steadfast as he continues to lead his flock. -Joshua

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #90

My son, Kevin feels called to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Kevin has been asked by the youth leaders at our church to lead the Bible study for the youth group. Kevin challenges the youth to read their Bibles daily and really seek to understand God's will and calling for their lives. Upon the youth group's return from their mission trip this past summer, Kevin shared during our Sunday service about their trip, what they had accomplished and what they had learned. Our senior pastor, Tighe, was impressed with Kevin's talk and Tighe has since asked Kevin to fill the pulpit for him on two other occasions. Kevin has become our church's unofficial assistant pastor. It is wonderful to watch Kevin grow in the Lord and hunger for His Word. Kevin's goal is to share God's Word with others and to challenge them to always keep their focus on the Lord and to read God's Word. -Kim

Why I Love My Pastor #89

Pastor David has been a blessing to our family. He's not afraid to teach the Scripture for what it says and not some agenda interpretation. His spiritual guidance and example help us to keep accountable to the Lord Jesus. -Kevin

Why I Love My Pastor #88

My pastor was blessed with many children and a God fearing wife and when the time came he began preaching the gospel full time for a small church. Another opportunity arose for him to preach full time at a larger work, but it required him to move his family thousands of miles across country. This was a huge leap of faith that I would liken to Abraham's in the example of moving where God told him to even though he didn't know what exactly he was getting himself into. The work that brought him to Indiana lasted for a few years and then the Lord showed him an even greater opportunity. He is currently one of four Pastors. Not only is Bruce one of the spiritual leaders of our local work, he is also a great spiritual leader for our family. He is my father. -Jeff

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #87

To me, Pastor Benoit( friendly known as Ben) is not just a friend, or even a pastor. He `s someone who`s so passionate that he`ll do whatever he can to get the job done, even when it demands sacrifice. I`ve seen him in his home, in situations where I wondered how he could restrain himself. But in the past 3 years that I`ve known him, all I`ve seen is an example. And I know the 24 other young people under his ministry feel the same. He isn`t just someone we can look up to. He`s more than that. I think he is a picture of what every Christian should be, of the kind of Christian that many of us long to be. I thank God that he gave us a pastor so caring, honest, real and full of compassion. It would be hard to honor Ben without honoring his wife, who herself is an example and a mentor to every young Christian.
- Afiwa

Why I Love My Pastor #86

What I appreciate about my pastor is his desire to help others. He has recently (with the help of several members of the church) built a new home for he and his family. Doing this has been taxing for him financially, mentally, physically, etc. But through the process, he has tried his very best to remain focused on the ministry, the needs of those around him, and his family. In the years that he has been our pastor, I have seen the LORD mature and equip him for the ministry ahead. He has weathered a lot of difficulties in the process, but through God's grace he has done well. -Eddie

Why I Love My Pastor #85

Keith goes far beyond learning the names of all his church's members. He notices what is happening in their lives. When I started attending kit's church, I was cynical about all churches. I began to ask Keith some of my toughest questions. He ended most of our conversations by saying that he and his wife Eva would keep praying for me, and something about the way he said it made me think he meant it. That was more than I was prepared for. Something inside me slowly began to melt. I am now very happy to be a member of this church where the people love God and love each other and the pastor is watching over and praying for all of us. --Sarah

Why I Love My Pastor #85

Griffin is our pastor and we just finished 40 Days Of Community. He really wants our members to know who they are as a church family and he is trying to teach us how to love God and love each other. -Sean

Why I Love My Pastor #84

Tim is a very casual pastor that we all treat as friends instead of someone with the authority. He is a young pastor but a brave one in Christ and he dares to challenge us and encourage us to follow the footpath of Jesus. As long as he is in our church, I am expecting a transformation of the church coming and he is such a precious gift from God to our church. - Anthony

Friday, December 03, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #83

Pastor Bira is a great guy. He's one of those guys who seems to always be smiling and I'll never know how he remembers so many people's names. While I haven't had too many needs to sit down and talk to him, when I have he has always been immediately available and comforting. He's not sugarcoated things for me and has always shot straight from the hip. I appreciate his godly insight and guidance.

Why I Love My Pastor #82

Bishop Marvin is an awesome anointed man of God who loves God and is on fire for him 24/7. He has a heart and burden for the lost, and to reach those he can with the gospel of Christ. The church started in 1991 with 10 members to approximately 400 members and is presently serving most of the county through food, clothing, evangelism, and counseling whenever and wherever needed. I've seen a heart of a pastor in him like never before, and I know God is using him in a mighty way. -John

Why I Love My Pastor #81

My Pastor rocks my socks off! I appreciate my pastor very much. He has incredible insight and understanding for the Word of God. He has a heart of Gold and is a lot of fun. - Cara

Why I Love My Pastor #80

Danny is the most caring pastor I have ever known. He always makes sure to greet every new guest that comes through the door after service and people that weren’t there the week before. Lately I have been talking to him about college after every service. He has given me advice such as not to rush, wait to hear God’s voice, and will that college equip me for what I want to do. I love my pastor and I thank him for his time. -Amy

[Note: This is an installment of our "Why I Love My Pastor" posts from
people around the world honoring the faithful leaders of their local
churches. Here's how it works: a person sends his or her thoughts and the
name and address of their pastor. Then we send the pastor a free, signed
copy of "Stop Dating the Church" along with the note written about them. For
more info on how you can participate, please visit the

Why I Love My Pastor #79

During a hard time, a great friend of our family extended a prayerful hand and Biblical support. He was currently pastoring in another state and we had not considered ever leaving home. In a way that only God can, He changed hearts, minds and our zip code. My wife, daughter, mother, father, three sisters, a cousin and I all packed up and headed East. We have been blessed to be under such a wonderful shepherd. I am encouraged and challenged every Sunday and Wednesday to be the man God has called me to be. I appreciate my pastor's ability to relate with each member whether young or old. He is a genuinely kind man with a heart that is after God's. I also appreciate his dedication to teaching his flock Biblical truths. I love my pastor and am thankful to be under his leadership. -J.

Why I Love My Pastor #78

When pastor Tom came to our church, there wasn't any life to it. My
family even talked about leaving but we felt that God could change the
church with prayer. It worked!

Therefore, I appreciate my pastor because he gets fired up when he preaches now and is steadily bringing the Holy Spirit back into our church and that's just what we needed. - Megan

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Thanks for the Book!

Here's the first letter our team got back from one of the pastors that we sent a book to:

Dear Joshua Harris,
You did a very good thing when you wrote Stop Dating the Church!!! Someone in the church I pastor sent for a free copy, and it was a blessing. THANK YOU for the book. May God bless you for being a blessing to the Body of Christ!!—D.M.

This kind of feedback is so encouraging.

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