Friday, November 05, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #9

I could place his credentials and achievements on a scale and let people measure him by what he has done and what he has accomplished, but I could never place his medals
above his humility. Our pastor does not only serve publicly, but quietly, in the secret far from people's view. My congregation appreciates his servant and gentle yet diligent attitude in his ministries. His humble character positions him as a servant to our members, always encouraging, gentle, yet honest, which leads others to follow his example. He is always encouraging people in their personal ministries and is actively involved with our church vision. He works diligently in his ministries and never complains upon taking up responsibilities that are lacking in workers. Lastly, when it comes to preaching God's Word, he is honest and even at times vulnerable in admitting his weaknesses along his journey to further relate and encourage the congregation. - Marchesa


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