Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #50

Pastor Rick has been my pastor (and boss - I serve as Administrative Assistant) for more than three years. We know that GOD sent him and his wife to our church. Pastor Rick is very much a "people person", and cares about each individual that makes up our church body. To him, we're not just a number; he "knows his sheep by name", and is intentional about remembering names. He strives to be the same, real, down-to-earth person both in and out of the pulpit. And he's not "above" anything; he'll help wherever he's needed at the moment. One of the things I most appreciate about Pastor Rick is that he encourages me to ask soul-searching, self-evaluating questions. Pastor Rick loves us too much to not push us to grow and to follow God's plan for our lives. I thank God for him and Virginia, and pray for them regularly.—Laurel

[Note: This is an installment of our "Why I Love My Pastor" posts from people around the world honoring the faithful leaders of their local churches. Here's how it works: a person sends his or her thoughts and the name and address of their pastor. Then we send the pastor a free, signed copy of "Stop Dating the Church" along with the note written about them. For more info on how you can participate, please visit the joshharris.com homepage.]


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