Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #35

Our church is an elder-led body, so we do not have a pastor. However, we have 3 Godly elders who work overtime to balance their families, careers, and church responsibilities. One of these men, Bill, is my father, so I have seen firsthand the pressures as well as blessings of spiritual leadership. Dad is extremely patient and loving toward those in our body who need counsel, and is committed to working toward God's best in our church as a whole and in the lives of the individuals who make it up. On top of all this, he is also an incredible husband and father who ministers to many as a family physician. I love you, Dad, may God bless you for your faithfulness! - Faith

[Note: This is an installment of our "Why I Love My Pastor" posts from people around the world honoring the faithful leaders of their local churches. Here's how it works: a person sends his or her thoughts and the name and address of their pastor. Then we send the pastor a free, signed copy of "Stop Dating the Church" along with the note written about them. For more info on how you can participate, please visit the joshharris.com homepage.]


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