Friday, November 12, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #30

Why I love Pastor Carlton. Mainly it's because of his humility and passion to see people get to know and grow in Jesus rather than his own success. He is one of the pastors of a really large church, but it's not what he does on Sunday that blesses and inspires me, but what he does 24 - 7, arranging tent crusades, train missions and this he does not as Pastor Carlton but as Carlton, no titles, no one even knows. He remembers peoples names and things you've spoken about, his house is open to all to pop in any time & one of his main passions, is Youth, and he goes all out to see them reach their dreams and established in the purposes of God - He also says it keeps him young :) He is a great hero in the faith and an example to young and old of what it really means to live what we preach! - Chandre


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