Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Why I Love My Pastor #1

Pastor Don has had a huge impact on my life. Throughout high school, he provided me with teaching that allowed me to grow so much more in my walk with God. I still own my handout from my favorite sunday school lesson on soteriology. He is also the best example of a husband I think I have ever met. His love and devotion to Charlotte and his kids always give me the assurance that I don't have to lower my standards for a husband. He loves her as Christ loves the church. —Jamie Robinson

[Note: This is the first of our "Why I Love My Pastor" posts from people around the world honoring the faithful leaders of their local churches. Here's how it works: Jamie sent us her thoughts and the name and address of her pastor. Now we'll send her pastor a free, signed copy of "Stop Dating the Church" along with the note that Jamie wrote. For more info on how you can participate, please visit the joshharris.com homepage.]


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