Friday, October 22, 2004

The Kind of Letter That Keeps You Writing

My publisher emailed me the following letter that a pastor sent them. This is the kind of letter that makes me want to jump up and do cartwheels! Praise God! Hearing that the book could be used by pastors like this is such an answer to prayer. Here it is...

As we have been emphasizing a "deeper, more passionate commitment to the church" at Grace the last month, Josh Harris' book could not have been more timely! Thank you for passing it along to us.

Here is why I believe it is one of the top 10 books that Christians should read and have on their shelves:

• There are very few books written on the church that are accessible to the whole church
• Josh does an excellent job of staying gospel and Christ centered as he builds his case for a passionate commitment to the local church
• Josh writes in an engaging way that will draw the "postmodern" or generation X and Y into a sound doctrinal conversation about the nature and function of the local church today.
• It provides a wonderful opportunity for small groups to walk through this book in a short time, and center their discussion around how their Christian walks would be strengthened through a more passionate commitment to the local church.
• It is readable enough (and Josh has enough of a "name recognition" ) that I plan to use it with our high school students.
• This book will help us to engage them when they have yet to probably "choose" a church for themselves, and cause them to think rightly about what the definition and function of the church is.
• There has not been enough written about the church being the bride of Christ. That chapter alone is worth the price of the book and caused me to exalt Christ more as a result!

Thank you again for publishing such books. They are a great help to pastors wishing to teach their congregation that there is a more abundant, joyful life available for them and that includes the church!

By His Grace,
Jeff B.


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