Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Hodge Podge of Stuff

On October 3 Shannon and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary! I do not deserve this lady.

Hey, thanks for all the response posts! It's great to get a little feedback. Bob asked when it hits the shelves. I really don't know. I found out that Amazon is shipping it and we got it here at the church, but it takes awhile to get to bookstores.

The timing of this book being released really is so special. I officially stepped into the Senior pastor position at our church on September 19. And now, through this book, I'm trying to spread a passion for the local church.

I just got Watermark's new CD and Chris Tomlin's "Arriving". Both are great.

I've been praying for awhile that God would help me figure out how to get more exercise in my life (didn't I say this was a hodge podge of thoughts?) and I've discovered it: TENNIS! Me and my buddy Joe are bringing tennis back. Now Shannon and I are going and playing on our date nights. A lot of fun. So much better than jogging. I'm not good but I like pretending.


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