Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A Cute Kid Moment

Here's a funny email that I got from a family in my church...

We bought a copy of "Stop Dating the Church" for Nate and Lela so that they could see the results of their prayers for you as you were writing the book.  The conversation with Nate went like this:
Me: Here is the book that Mr. Harris was writing.  This is the book that we prayed for.
Nate:  Oh.  Who is it in that picture?
Me: I don't know.  They are holding a sign with the name of the book on it.
Nate:  Oh.  What does it say?
Me:  Stop Dating the Church...Fall in Love with the Family of God.
Nate:  Oh.  That's the church book?
Me:  Yes.  It is all about how special the church is.
Nate:  (Silence.  Wheels turning.)
Nate:  So I guess you and mommy can't go to church for date night, huh?
Just thought I'd share this with you... 
Thankful for you!
Jeremy M.


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