Thursday, May 20, 2004

Already for Sale

The book is already being sold on and on in their "upcoming books" section. That was fast.

Check out this quote by J.I. Packer that Justin Taylor sent me:

"In Acts 2-5 we read of a church with, it seems, no buildings of its own, with loose and sometimes improvised leadership, but with each member apparently pulling his or her own weight in the work and witness that went on, and the impact on Jerusalem was great. Around us in the modern West we see big church buildings—some of them housing four-figure congregations, and others certainly intended to house congregations of that size—often furnished with an impressive hierarchy of ministers and other officials; but the congregations, such as they are, are mostly passengers, and city life proceeds as if the churches were not there."—J. I. Packer, Keep in Step with the Spirit (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1984), 254

A Huge Sigh of Relief

Today I sent in the last revised chapter of my book. The really hard part and bulk of the work is finished. God helped me to get done one day before tomorrow's drop-dead date.

Next my editor will do his final edits and send them to me. I'll go over this and also have CJ and Jeff look at it to give any final theological critique. After that I'll send it on to the "line editor" who will go through it word by word and clean up grammar and comment on anything else a reader might find confusing or unhelpful.

She'll send all these comments to me, I'll incorporate any small changes CJ and Jeff suggest and I will be officially DONE. Okay, except for helping to write the back cover copy, reviewing the galleys and finalizing the endorsements. But that stuff is the fun part! I am DONE with the hard stuff.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for me through this process. I am so grateful to God for sustaining me. I am truly excited about the effect this book could have in lives.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Our Sufficiency is of God

Brothers and sisters...please, if you have even a spare moment, pray for me. I am in the final press to finish the book. Because of the increase of size and other changes the book has grown from six chapters to nine. I have until May 21 to finish. Between now and then I'll be getting marked up chapters from my editors to revise. Some of these revisions will be quite involved. My editors are great and blowing up chapters and then guiding me in piecing them back together in a better form. But all this takes smoothing and often new introductions and transitions.

Today in my quiet time I meditated on my need for faith...Hebrews 11:6 and a chapter in Charles Bridges book "The Christian Ministry." Here's a quote that is very encouraging.

“The main difficulty, therefore, is not in our work, but in ourselves; in the conflict with our own unbelief, in the form either of indolence or of self-dependence. When faith is really brought into action, the extent and aggravation of the difficulty (even were it increased an hundred-fold) is a matter of little comparative moment. Difficulties heaped upon difficulties can never rise to the level of the promise of God. To meet the trembling apprehensions—“Who is sufficient for these things?” the answer is ready—“Our sufficiency is of God.” —Charles Bridges, The Christian Ministry Page 175

Amen! I am not sufficient to do finish in the short time that is left. But God is my sufficiency. Thank you for your prayers.

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