Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Why I Write Books

Jo Medler is a wonderful lady in my church who helps to process the email and regular mail that we get. She read about the writing challenges I've experienced and sent me the following letter:

Hi, Josh,

Sorry to read that things don't seem to be going so well. I hope Emma is doing better today and that you can all get a good rest. Do let me know if there is anything I can do to help Shannon or you.

This e-mail came in a couple of days ago and I had put it aside for you to see but I'll copy it for you now to, hopefully, give you some encouragement and remind you that the Lord is indeed using you and the books to draw people to Himself and teach them His word. He's done it through all your books and He'll certainly do it through this one as well! A young man from Northern Ireland writes:

"I recently purchased your newest book 'Not Even A Hint' after it was recommended on a Christian teen's website. I have to say that your book is truly brilliant! It has helped me immensely in my own struggle against lust. Not only that, but you have taught me a lot about my faith, particularly on the Justification/Sanctification page. Although I have been a Christian for all my life, this I had never realized or been taught this simple truth. You have inspired me and given me the help I need to leave my sins behind .... and encouraged me to read the Bible (something I had previously neglected to do)."

Continuing to pray for you.—Jo

This letter that Jo sent is a reminder of why I write books. What an incredible thing! God is working in people's lives. This gives me so much faith to press through the confusion I face in the midst of this project. Thank you, Lord!


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