Saturday, March 27, 2004

Letter to My Editor

Hey, Dave!

Please give Heather a big thanks a hug for taking time off her novel to read my book. Seemed like old times reading her memo.

I still need go through both memos slowly and digest it all. But a quick read through told me you two are at your best once again and will help make this book so much better.

Here's what is happening in terms of schedule...

1. I'm on a pastors retreat all week so no writing will happen.

2. BUT I'm always thinking so I need your help to determine what I should be thinking about. Should I keep noodling on chapter 5 or focus on the stuff you guys sent me about the first 4 chapters?

3. I'm attaching the little I have for chapter 5 for you to look over. Tell me if you want me to shelve this and dive into revising the first 4.

I think the sooner I can unleash you on the first four the better. Isn't that true? So we need to talk soon. The first week of April is a bad one for me (writing wise) because I have to preach Easter and will be preparing for that.

I need your masterful wisdom to know how to proceed. I don't do well when I'm guessing and second-guessing what I should be focused on.



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