Tuesday, March 16, 2004

God is Sovereign

This is a letter sent to me in response to my "woe is me" post...

Hi Joshua,
I hope you're support team gets this to you. In the midst of our plans,
schedules and deadlines God remains God. He is sovereign. While I'm sure
that this book is of God, I'm also sure that his desires extend beyond
finishing the book on time. Everything in life is a process and a lot of
times God is more interested in the process (how we respond to the highs and
lows) on the journey towards our destination than the destination itself.
So be encouraged and learn all the lessons there are to be learnt along the
way. While meeting deadlines are important, this isn't a class assignment.
Jesus said he would build his church 2000 years ago and we're still here and
he's still building. It takes time to reach perfection. So let patience
have its perfect work, so that you, the book, the church will be perfect
lacking nothing. Sister in Christ, Rhonda

I add my hearty "Amen!" Thanks, Rhonda. I appreciate the reminder.


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