Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My Editor's Response to Chapter 1 Rough Draft

Hi Joshua,
You totally made my week. I had you on my list to contact today in the
(rather cautious) hope that you were making progress. I'm stunned.
And I'm impressed. You have a very solid, easy to read chapter one--and
that is huge. And your evil twin must be locked up in the basement.
Think I can hear the snarl from here.

I've been praying for real freedom for you, and I will continue to
do so. This book is so close to your life, and dear to God's heart, that
I pray that it will continue to come to you with relative ease. What a
sweet gift that would be to you and Shannon. Don't slow down or start
second guessing. Honestly, this is the book. It's happening. I bet we
use every paragraph you wrote--somewhere if not where you have it now.
And every graph will help us get to the next graph, the next page, that
we couldn't have gotten to otherwise. Write a skinny, fast book. Don't
worry about homely. Write a book as boney as a Mexican cow. Then we'll
take it to the feed lot and fatten it up. It'll be a prize winner.

Just keep talking to a table full of readers who love God and His Word and
want to love Him more. There's no "they" in this book, just "you and me."
You have real readers with names and stories. See their faces. See their
hands going up when they're not quite convinced. Believe the best about
them. Love them with all your heart. Look them in the eye when you write.
And out will come the right skinny cow. Don't you love my garbled advice?
You bless me, brother. So lose those teeth, but see if they'll let you can
keep the wisdom.—David


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