Friday, February 20, 2004

Chapter 2, Wisdom Teeth and a Cover Shoot

We had to switch info on our website and so it's down for a day or so. I don't understand anything about the web.

I got my wisdom teeth out last week. It totally blew the week for writing. I was knocked out. Sore, throbbing pain, completely unable to think. I started to get anxious that I'd never come out of it.

But yesterday things started to clear up. Today I started work on chapter 2 in earnest. What I wrote wasn't that good, but I was caught up in the glorious subject. At one point I put my head down and just let out a whimper because I was so aware of how unworthy I am to write about God's plan and purpose in the church. Who am I? I am nothing! And I'm trying to explain why the church matters so much. If God can use this little book it will be a miracle...well, what is new? That's true of everything I've written.

They did a photoshoot for the book cover. I think they shot it in Portland. It looks really cool. I'm very pleased. The original cover designs were really stupid and boring. So the fact that Multnomah was willing to listen to my ideas and actually shoot an original picture for it is a big blessing.


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